How to Tell If Someone Is Cheating at Words With Friends

Last Updated on November 7, 2023

Words With Friends is very similar to Scrabble. It is a multi-player game on your smartphone where players take turns building words crossword-style. It was developed by Newtoy. Like any game, there are always cheaters. It is even easier to cheat with you’re on electronics because you could be playing on your phone and have your laptop open to sites with hints, or you could have someone helping you right next to you. Nobody is watching your every move because they can’t. It isn’t like a card game where you can see if someone is peeping over your shoulder or stacking the deck. It is completely up to you to decide to be honest in Words With Friends. However, people will know because cheaters always get caught. Below are some of the ways you can tell if someone is cheating.

How to Tell If Someone Is Cheating at Words With Friends

Do You Know Who Your Opponents Are?

One way to tell if someone is cheating at Words With Friends is to know who your opponents are. If you hang out with someone who doesn’t really seem like they’re beyond the norm in literacy but they always play with advanced words then they are probably cheating. There are a plethora of ways to cheat through websites like word generators. The easiest way to tell though is definitely if you know someone and their level of intelligence with words in English.

Is There a Strategy Behind It?

Cheating in words with friends isn’t just about the words you are able to come up with. It’s about word placement. There are some super short words like the zoo, for example, where if you place them correctly on the virtual board you could make more points than a very long word. So, the strategy is just as important as word choice in this game.

Play a Couple of Games in a Row.

Another way to tell if someone is cheating is to play a couple of games with them in a row. In the first game, you won’t realize if they’re cheating because you won’t know their speed tactics but after time you can average it out and see how long each move takes. If they always win the first game this may be a sign.

Is There Optimization?

If all the words are optimized then chances are you are playing with a cheater. Are the bonus spots always filled up before you have a chance to fill them? If someone dominates every game they are also probably cheating. If they remain in the lead throughout the entire game there is most likely a third party at bay to help. Since Words With Friends is a game of luck and skill it is unlikely that someone would win 10 games in a row. If they do, they probably could be rich somewhere not playing this game, or cheating.

Do You Have To Look Up the Words Meaning?

Are you wondering what the words mean when the other player keeps playing? Do you have to keep looking up definitions on your laptop or in the dictionary? If you do then chances are they are cheating. If there are a lot of strange short words that you would never use they are probably looking them up for assistance in the game, which is cheating.

How Many Signs Are Pointing Towards Cheating?

With just one or two of these signs, you could be playing against someone experienced and excited. Maybe an addict, and someone who practices on a lot of people, but when all of these things happen it adds up to cheating. If you notice a pattern or all of these happening interchangeably there is a very high chance that cheating is going on. If you feel like you are playing against a robot, you probably are.

When you find out that someone is cheating in the game you can lose or cheat back. You also have the option to block the user. Nobody likes to play with a cheater and the user should be banned or kicked off the game, which would happen if enough people reported it, just like Instagram accounts and other social media accounts do.

If you think someone is cheating, chances are that they are. Your intuition rarely lies, even if you’re a very competitive spirit who generally thinks the worst of people. There are very few ways to officially know if someone is cheating since you can’t see them in the flesh but that doesn’t mean it is not happening, just because we can not see our hearts does not mean they are not there in our chests beating… same goes for a cheater. If there are certain winning patterns and weird words they are probably cheating.

The best way to avoid this type of behavior is to play with honest people, true friends, or mutual friends who you know are real and want to play a game for real true competition. There is no fun in cheating, no genuine win, and no ultimate winner. Cheating to win makes you a loser, just remember that if you ever truly consider cheating.

The Bottom Line

Cheating in any online game is easy, but what is hard is to stay honest and true through such an easy way of cheating, and an easy way to win. The best way to tell if someone is cheating is if you know them and they use words during the game that they wouldn’t otherwise use and if they dominate in every round. If there’s no competition and a landslide happens every time, chances are you are not competing against an honest player and you should report them, block them, or just discontinue playing with them. Cheating at Words With Friends is very common and very easy. Grab a friend, a laptop, and any website out there and it’s possible. If you doubt someone they’re most likely cheating. If you don’t know them and assume they are you should play a few rounds with them to see if there’s a pattern. They could just be lucky or have a lot of practice and be good at the game. It is nothing to get too worked up about because a cheater will always be a loser at heart. Stay honest even when you play against someone who is cheating. Do not stoop down to anyone else’s level.

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3 thoughts on “How to Tell If Someone Is Cheating at Words With Friends”

  1. There is another way to spot cheaters.
    Look at their stats in the timed games. If they are poor compared to the games without time limits, or if they never play the timed games, chances are they’re cheaters.

  2. I have played scrabble and various word games for 60 years. I play WWF2 and play with friends, strangers and also solo games against the computer. So when the solo competitor uses words that I have never heard of before and I retain them in my very good memory and subsequently use them, am I cheating? and I am talking about words like BFF, QPH etc. What you are saying is that I cannot expand my vocabulary but our everyday dictionaries add dozens of new words every day.

  3. Well, seeing as how WWF uses made-up words, words that are not words, converts words from one tense to another that they don’t belong to by added -ed, or -s, or other suffixes, changes nouns to verbs, verbs to adjectives, what really is cheating on this game?


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