Writ Large Meaning: What Is the Definition of “Writ Large”?

The English idiomatic term “writ large” is a phrase that you may see or hear used in informal conversation and writing. Here you will find the meaning of this phrase and the information regarding its origin. You will also find examples of how to properly use this phrase in conversations/statements and discover alternative ways to say this phrase while still conveying the same meaning.

Writ Large

Writ Large Meaning

The phrase “writ large” means that something is abundantly obvious; it is hard to miss. The phrase can also mean that one thing is more exaggerated than another.

Origin of this idiom

The origin of the phrase “writ large” comes from two different words that are put together to form this phrase and give it its meaning. “Writ” simply an abbreviated form of the word “written” meaning something in writing. “Large” simply means bigger and easier to see. Therefore, putting these two words together forms the meaning of the phrase we now know today since something in large writing would be easier to see and more obvious.

“Writ Large” Examples

Example Statements

A statement made in an entertainment magazine about recent movie titles released to theatres.

  • “The successes and failures of a movie are writ large because of the amount of money it takes to make a theatrical film.”

A statement by a celebrity during an interview on the red carpet at an event.

  • “My achievements and failures are writ large. Living in the public eye, it is hard to hide these things from everyone.”

Example Conversations

A conversation between a coach and the quarterback of the football team.

  • Coach: We have to play as a cohesive team.
  • Quarterback: I agree with you coach. If we don’t, it will be writ large.
  • Coach: That’s right and it will leave a window open for the other team to run all over us.

A conversation between a mother and a father.

  • Mother: When Marshall gets home, we must work as a team.
  • Father: I completely agree with you. We have to work together and enforce punishment for breaking curfew.
  • Mother: Yes, because if we don’t it will be writ large. He will see right through us and take advantage of the situation.

Useful examples:

  • Disappointment was writ large on the face of the loser.
  • Hollywood is often said to be American society writ large.
  • I could see the curiosity writ large on Rose’s face.
  • Her life was her personality writ large.
  • Many of the processes are like ordinary domestic engineering writ large.
  • Everybody said, with disapprobation writ large upon their faces.

Other Ways to Say “Writ Large”

As with most idiomatic phrase, the phrase “writ large” can be said in many other ways to convey the same meaning. Some alternative ways that you can say this phrase include:

  • Abundantly obvious
  • Plain to see
  • Hard to miss
  • Obvious
  • Clear
  • In an exaggerated form

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