Does A Writing Prompt Make You A Better Writer?

Last Updated on June 24, 2021

Writing is a very amazing task. It’s awesome how words can captivate the senses and take the mind of readers to different places. This is so because writers’ imagination is boundless – or is it?

All writers experience a rut. This is a momentary condition wherein the mind of a writer struggles or finds it impossible to come up with new ideas for writing. When in a rut, writing a sentence or even a phrase is as hard as flushing while being constipated.

Nevertheless, a writing rut is perfectly normal. For writing and other related professions, the brain seeks inspiration to come up with something. And when inspiration isn’t found, creativity comes to a standstill.

A writing prompt is a handy tool for getting out of a rut. So what is it? How does it help you become a better writer?

Writing Prompts

What Is A Writing Prompt?

A writing prompt is a short sentence or phrase that triggers ideas for writing. You’re not new to this, actually. In elementary and high school, English teachers used it to teach you how to create meaningful compositions from a presented idea.

But your time with writing prompts doesn’t end upon graduating elementary and high school. Standardized tests still utilize it to measure your ability to see you generate and organize new ideas from an existing idea.

Still not getting the gist of what a writing prompt is? That’s fine. It seems that you learn by seeing and not by listening. In which case, these are some examples for you to understand:

  • Snow is falling in the middle of January.
  • Jessica asked you to have coffee after your date.
  • Your car broke down in the middle of nowhere.
  • There’s a slight tingling sensation on your fingers.
  • The piano played Mozart‘s 3rd movement on its own.
  • Her smile is as bright as the coming of dawn.

How Writing Prompts Build Better Writing Skills?

Writing prompts make you a better writer by triggering new ideas to manifest in your mind. Though they’re just brief sentences or phrases, writing prompts provide topics with endless directions for a story or discussion.

Take a look at the example, ” Her smile is as bright as the coming of dawn”. For us, this writing prompt triggers ideas for a story of romance story. From it, we can write something like, ” Her smile is as bright as the coming of dawn. It’s a sight that I never want to lose. Being with her gives my heart radiance that even the sun can’t provide. If love is like this, then I don’t wish for it to end”.

Writing is more exciting with new topics to write about. This something that you experience with a writing prompt. With it, you will build the habit of writing one or two paragraphs every day. You can even write a 2 or 3-page composition. And when your write more, you become better. You’ll have more command of your style and your rhythm as a writer. Not to mention that your grammar and vocabulary will improve too.

To simplify and end this discussion, a writing prompt makes you a better writer since it triggers your brain to generate new ideas for writing and encourages you to write more.

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  1. Yeah, i got the idea of writing prompts. what i understood is the Prompts are the ideas and initial phrases that open UP room for a vastly imaginative world of writing that cohesively lead your story futher…..


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