Yandere Meaning: What Does the Internet Term “Yandere” Mean?

The slang term “yandere” is a term you may have heard in passing depending on where you visit on the internet and what your interests are. If you have heard this term before and were left wondering what it means, then your search is over.

Here you will not only find the meaning of this term, but you will also find information about its origin, some optional meanings if there are any that exist, and you will find some example conversations using the term in the correct context to help you further understand its meaning. The article will wrap up with some suggested words or phrases that you can use as synonyms in place of “yandere” to convey the same meaning.

Yandere Meaning

What Does Yandere Mean?

The term “yandere” is a descriptive Japanese term used in anime and manga to describe a character that is typically female that will do anything to be with her love interest or crush, which is usually the main male character. She typically starts out in the story as sweet and innocent but will resort to extremely violent acts and murder if she must to get rid of her rivals.

Origin of Yandere

Although there is no specific mention of the first year that this phrase was ever recorded to describe such characters in anime, it is said that this term was derived from two other Japanese words. The first word the term is derived from is “yanderu” which means “mentally sick.” The second word is “deredere” which in this sense means “lovesick.” The two words were combined to form the term and the definition of a character who is so emotionally attached to her love or crush that she becomes mentally unstable and willing to do anything for him to be with only her.

Other Meanings

There are currently no other known meanings for this term at this time.

Example Conversations

A text conversation between two friends:

  • Friend 1: I swear if John’s secretary does not back off and stop flirting with him I am going to have to resort to some drastic measures to get rid of her!
  • Friend 2: Woah! Calm down there yandere! John is free to do what he wants, but if you want him to get him to be with you there are other, less violent ways I assure you.

An online conversation between Twitter users:

  • User 1: {posts picture of himself) Me on my day off!
  • User 2: Boy, you look so fine!
  • User 3: Heck yeah he does! He can come on over any time!
  • User 2: Back off! I will cut you!
  • User 3: LOL! Slow down there yandere!

Alternatives to “Yandere”

There are many alternative words and phrases that you could use instead of using the word “yandere” to convey the same meaning. Some of the other things you could say include:

  • Bunny Boiler
  • Crazy B#tch
  • Lovesick Female

Yandere Meaning Infographic