“Yeet” Meaning | Do You Actually Know What This Term Means?

What does “yeet” mean? Are you searching for the meaning of yeet? Learn the definition and how to use this internet slang word with ESL picture and useful text conversations in English.

“Yeet” Meaning

Yeet is one of many slang words where the popularity fades away and resurfaces after going viral. This term is quickly popularized and just as quick to wear out.

What Does “Yeet” Mean?

Yeet has various meanings depending on the context in which it is used.

  • Yeet – (interjection) – enthusiastic feeling of approval-compared to saying Yes!
  • Yeet – (noun) – a type of dance
  • Yeet – (verb) – an act of doing something quickly
  • Yeet – (adj) – describing something that is cool, fun.

Origin of “Yeet”

The term Yeet originally rose to fame in 2008, as a way to express feelings of exhilaration or arousal. However, throughout the years it has continuously resurfaced in various forms.

Yeet resurfaced as a viral dance on vine, then followed by a hip hop song. In the silence of the usage of the term, yeet once again appeared to go viral in 2016. This time it went viral as a form of excited force of throwing something out.

As the popularity of using memes gained popularity, yeet was resurrected in 2018-in memes. This time yeet was used as a parody referencing the over usage of the word.

Other Meanings/Related words

Other terms or phrases related to Yeet are as follows:

  • Ya Yeet – this is used when wanting to express a strong exclamation of approval; can also be used to question if someone understands – similar to ya feel me?
  • Yeet Yeet – (interjection) – slang for that’s what’s up. I feel you – I understand – that’s cool.

Conversation Examples

Yeet (interjection):

  • OMG! Jason just asked me to go to the movies with him this weekend, YEET!
  • YEET! I can’t believe I just passed my driving test!

Yeet (noun):

  • Girl 1: Did you check out the video with homeboy doing the Yeet?
  • Girl 2: What is the YEET?
  • Girl 1: It’s that new dance everyone is doing. Bend your knees and flail your arms around.
  • Girl 2: Ooh girl I wanna try that.

Yeet (verb)

  • Boy 1: Did you see how he just yeet down the field? Dude was fast af.
  • Boy 2: Ya, man he was gone! I just watched the video when that girl just Yeet that bottle in the trash can!

Yeet- (adj.)

  • Check out that dudes kicks, they are YEET!
  • I had fun at the party with James, he was yeet af!

Ya Yeet- (Interjection)

  • Boy 1: I went over to Lisa’s and we were just kicking it, and her pops came home and started yelling all angrily. I told him man in a loud demanding voice to chill, ya yeet?
  • Boy 2: I hear ya man, her pops be tripping sometimes
  • I was at the party dancing, while everyone was watching me, doing my moves YA Yeet!

Yeet Yeet – (Interjection):

  • James: I went to the club with Dana, and we ran into one of her homegirls. The girl was dancing all over me. I thought Dana was gonna start tripping, but she didn’t.
  • Dan: Damn bro, that’s yeet yeet.
  • I went to the front office and got my grades, straight A’s! Yeet Yeet.


Yeet is often used in various tenses grammatically incorrect.

Past tense is referred to as yeeted – where should be yote.

Yeeted, Yote – (verb past tense)

  • Did you see how she yeeted that ball at that dudes head?
  • That boy finished his drink and yote the bottle in the trash can.

Yeeting – (verb present tense)

  • Everyone at the concert was yeeting things all over the place.
  • Hold the camera straight and stop yeeting it, or the picture is gonna come out blurry.

Will yeet (verb future tense)

Example 1:

  • Girl 1: Did you hear what she just said if she catches John cheating on her again?
  • Girl 2: No, what she say.
  • Girl 1: She said that she will yeet the crap out of him and the girl, if she finds out he’s cheating again!
  • Girl 2: Dang. that girl is crazy!

Example 2:

  • Boy 1: I can’t wait until I’m up at the plate again!
  • Boy 2: Why is that?
  • Boy 1: Cause I can’t stand the pitcher so I will yeet that ball down the field with the bat so hard, he won’t know what hit him.
  • Boy2: Man, you are so crazy!

“Yeet” Meaning Infographic