YTP: The Meaning of “YTP” and How to Use It Correctly

Last Updated on October 18, 2023

YTP is an acronym for a type of video found of YouTube. Learn the definition and how to use the acronym “YTP” with ESL picture and useful text conversations in English.

YTP Meaning

What Does YTP Mean?

YTP stands for “YouTube Poop”. This does not mean videos of fecal matter on YouTube, but instead a genre of humorous videos. Creators of these videos, called “Poopers”, would take videos from popular television, movie, or video games and mash them together using video editing software. YouTube Poop videos are well-known for their bizarre humor, with the videos rarely having a coherent plot and designed to throw out as many jokes and gags, to the expensive of the source material, as possible.

Origin of YTP

YouTube Poop began on December 22, 2004 when an internet user using the name “SuperYoshi” made a short video using Windows Movie Maker. The video took an episode from the old cartoon The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and with the software SuperYoshi edited the footage in a random manner. When posted online, the video got positive reception encouraging SuperYoshi to make more videos like it. As the videos became more popular they shifted from being completely bizarre and tried to focus on some narrative structure, even if said narrative didn’t make much sense. By the 2010s, YouTube Poops suffered a massive decline in popularity due in part to other more professional humor videos overtaking them and YouTube cracking down on any copyright infringements, which many YouTube Poop videos had.

Other Meanings

YTP can also be used as an acronym for “Young Teen P***”, normally referring to an attractive teenager girl. Normally this slang is used by other teenagers but unfortunately this usage of YTP has seen use by pedophiles online.

YTP Examples in Conversations

Online Discussion

  • User 1: “Whatever happened to YTP?”
  • User 2: “YTP?”
  • User 1: “YouTube Poop.”
  • User 3: “You don’t remember YouTube Poop?”
  • User 2: “No?”
  • User 3: “They were these random videos on YouTube. I loved the Mario ones.”
  • User 1: “I think YTP got in trouble because of copyright looking it up. What a shame.”

YouTube Comments

  • Comment: “I loved this video! Reminds me of those old YTPs. I miss those.”
  • Reply 1: LOL! I loved YTP! My childhood.”
  • Reply 2: “I miss YTP.”
  • Reply 3: “I hated YTP. They weren’t funny.”
  • Reply 4: “YouTube Poops were fantastic. They weren’t unfunny!”
  • Reply 5: I didn’t like them either.”
  • Reply 6: “I blame My Little Pony. Once those videos became popular no-one made those classic YTP videos anymore.”
  • Reply 7: “My Little Pony and YouTube Poop is gey.”

Key Characteristics of YouTube Poop

Editing Style

In YouTube Poop (YTP) videos, the editing style is often chaotic and random. These videos are created by remixing existing material, such as cartoons, TV shows, movies, video games, and advertisements, into something entirely new and often nonsensical. The editing techniques used can include cutting, speeding up or slowing down scenes, adding various effects, and mixing audio sources. We find that this style can be both appealing and confusing to viewers, making YTP a unique form of online content.


One of the main appeals of YouTube Poop videos is their humor. YTP creators often use satire and vulgarity to make their viewers laugh. The comedy in these videos can range from absurd to dark humor, relying on unexpected cuts, strange audio and visual effects, and the juxtaposition of different elements. It’s important to note that the humor in YTP videos may not be everyone’s cup of tea, as it can be quite offensive or simply too strange for some tastes.


Sampling is a key component of YTP videos. Creators take various elements from different sources and combine them to create a new, cohesive piece. Sampling in YTP often involves taking clips from popular TV shows, movies, video games, and other internet videos and recontextualizing them in a humorous or ironic manner. By doing this, YTP creators pay homage to the original content while simultaneously transforming it into something new and amusing for their audiences.

Types of YouTube Poop

As we explore the world of YouTube Poop (YTP), it’s important to recognize that this genre comes in various forms, each with its own unique spin on humor, satire, and remixing. In this section, we’ll discuss a few prominent types of YTP and how they showcase the creativity and absurdity behind this internet phenomenon.

One prevalent type of YTP is centered around sentence-mixing. In these videos, creators meticulously splice together existing footage, rearranging words and sentences to craft new dialogues. This often leads to bizarre or inappropriate statements that push the boundaries of humor and vulgarity. Fans of this style appreciate the sheer effort and attention to detail.

Another popular form of YTP focuses on repetition and loops, taking memorable or iconic clips and repeating them in rapid succession. This can result in a hypnotic, maddening, or outright hilarious experience, depending on one’s perspective. Some creators even add visual and audio effects to amplify the absurdity, making these videos an audio-visual feast that leaves viewers either mesmerized or dizzy.

Many YTPs also utilize a technique we can call “overlay humor.” In these videos, creators incorporate meme elements, running jokes, or pop culture references, layering them on top of the original footage. This not only provides an extra layer of humor but also serves as commentary on internet culture and events.

Lastly, some YouTube Poops opt for visual manipulation as their preferred method of humor. These videos feature footage that has been warped, stretched, or otherwise altered, turning it into a surreal, chaotic, or downright creepy work of art. These videos stand out for their unique take on parody, invoking a sense of unease and fascination in equal measure.

To sum up, the world of YTP is wildly diverse, reflecting the creativity and humor of its countless creators. While the styles we’ve discussed are just the tip of the YTP iceberg, they provide a glimpse into the fascinating realm of this internet subculture, where remixing, parody, and boundless imagination collide.


As we’ve discussed, YTP, or YouTube Poop, is a genre of videos on YouTube that consists of a collection of short, edited clips combined into one larger video. This unique form of content highlights the creativity and humor of its creators, as well as their ability to combine seemingly unrelated clips in a way that creates an entertaining experience for viewers.

YTP has evolved over time, with different editing techniques and conventions. Through this, we can see how YouTube Poop’s popularity has grown and even gained a dedicated following. At its core, YTP is about enjoyment and the surreal, often illogical juxtaposition of various clips.

In the world of online video, the YouTube Poop genre has carved out a distinct niche for itself, with creators continually experimenting with new ways to entertain their viewers. As we continue to explore the depths of online video content, we can be sure that the intersection of humor, creativity, and randomness will continue to thrive within the YTP community.

YTP Meaning Infographic

YTP: The Meaning of "YTP" and How to Use It CorrectlyPin

Frequently Asked Questions

How is YTP created?

YTP, or YouTube Poop, is created by editing together various short clips from popular media sources such as TV shows, movies, or video games. The content is rearranged and manipulated in a way that results in a humorous, satirical, or absurd final product. These videos often involve characters saying something vulgar or nonsensical, and can be repetitive to emphasize a joke or add puns.

What software is used for making YTP?

Many different video editing software programs can be used to create YTPs. Some popular choices include Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, and even more accessible tools like Windows Movie Maker. The specific software used is up to the individual creator and their preferences. Experimentation and creativity are key in producing a YTP.

How did YTP originate?

YTP originated as an internet phenomenon in the 2000s. As people began to upload videos to the platform, it quickly became a popular way for individuals to express their creativity and humor. YTPs evolved as a subculture, creating their own tropes and memes that are specific to the genre.

What are the most popular YTP memes?

While YTP memes are constantly evolving, some popular examples include “Mama Luigi,” “PINGAS,” and “Dinner.” These memes involve taking specific clips from popular media and manipulating, reusing, or editing them to create humor or to share a particular message.

How is YTP different from TikTok?

While both YTP and TikTok involve short video content, they are distinct genres. YTP focuses on remixing and editing existing content from various sources, while TikTok videos typically feature individual creators performing a skit, dance, or other creative expression. Additionally, YTP often incorporates more vulgar or absurd humor, while TikTok tends to be more varied in its content.

Are there any notable YTP creators?

Yes, there are several notable YTP creators, often referred to as “Poopers.” Some well-known names include cs188, DaThings, DurhamrockerZ, and Orpheusftw. These individuals have developed their styles and techniques over time, making them prominent figures in the YTP community.

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