YTP: The Meaning of “YTP” and How to Use It Correctly

YTP is an acronym for a type of video found of YouTube. Learn the definition and how to use the acronym “YTP” with ESL picture and useful text conversations in English.

YTP Meaning

What Does YTP Mean?

YTP stands for “YouTube Poop”. This does not mean videos of fecal matter on YouTube, but instead a genre of humorous videos. Creators of these videos, called “Poopers”, would take videos from popular television, movie, or video games and mash them together using video editing software. YouTube Poop videos are well-known for their bizarre humor, with the videos rarely having a coherent plot and designed to throw out as many jokes and gags, to the expensive of the source material, as possible.

Origin of YTP

YouTube Poop began on December 22, 2004 when an internet user using the name “SuperYoshi” made a short video using Windows Movie Maker. The video took an episode from the old cartoon The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and with the software SuperYoshi edited the footage in a random manner. When posted online, the video got positive reception encouraging SuperYoshi to make more videos like it. As the videos became more popular they shifted from being completely bizarre and tried to focus on some narrative structure, even if said narrative didn’t make much sense. By the 2010s, YouTube Poops suffered a massive decline in popularity due in part to other more professional humor videos overtaking them and YouTube cracking down on any copyright infringements, which many YouTube Poop videos had.

Other Meanings

YTP can also be used as an acronym for “Young Teen P***”, normally referring to an attractive teenager girl. Normally this slang is used by other teenagers but unfortunately this usage of YTP has seen use by pedophiles online.

Conversation Examples

Online Discussion

  • User 1: “Whatever happened to YTP?”
  • User 2: “YTP?”
  • User 1: “YouTube Poop.”
  • User 3: “You don’t remember YouTube Poop?”
  • User 2: “No?”
  • User 3: “They were these random videos on YouTube. I loved the Mario ones.”
  • User 1: “I think YTP got in trouble because of copyright looking it up. What a shame.”

YouTube Comments

  • Comment: “I loved this video! Reminds me of those old YTPs. I miss those.”
  • Reply 1: LOL! I loved YTP! My childhood.”
  • Reply 2: “I miss YTP.”
  • Reply 3: “I hated YTP. They weren’t funny.”
  • Reply 4: “YouTube Poops were fantastic. They weren’t unfunny!”
  • Reply 5: I didn’t like them either.”
  • Reply 6: “I blame My Little Pony. Once those videos became popular no-one made those classic YTP videos anymore.”
  • Reply 7: “My Little Pony and YouTube Poop is gey.”

Other Ways to Say the Slang Word

YTP is normally spelled in all uppercase or lowercase. There are no other variants.

YTP Meaning Infographic

YTP: The Meaning of "YTP" and How to Use It CorrectlyPin

Last Updated on March 20, 2020

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